These are the CD-games we currently have in our archive. After a hard time searching for titles, and spending a little amount of money, we've got some of the most sought-after PC-ENGINE games. But this is only the beginning, we'd like to increase the number of games over and over.

Each game has its very own page, with pics, a critical analysis and a percentual evaluation. So, check this pages, make your own evaluation and choose the games you're most interested in.

If you want any specific game, and have some interesting title you'd like to exchange a CDR-copy from, contact us. And, once again, give us suggestions about new titles. It is important for us to make UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE the most pleasant area for PC-ENGINE fans.




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OBS: All the games listed are available for requests, even those which still don't have an specific page. We plan to add a page for each game, as time goes by.




Well, I've been talking to Aramis (J'aime la PC-ENGINE webmaster) in the last days, and he told me a little bit about the idea behind this little "STOP PC Engine business!" picture. Nowadays, some nasty people around the net, specially on eBay and some other auction sites, are asking unbelievable high prices for PC-ENGINE games. It's easy to find Dracula X being sold for US$150,00, even US$200,00. I've seen a nut guy who bought a Sapphire for US$500,00!

Impressed? Well, you ain't heard the worst side of the tale! People within the PCE scene always heard that Circus Lido (a Hu-Card game from UPL) was certainly the rarest of all PCE games ever released, maybe even rarer than Darius Alpha. So, some people paid US$900,00 for this game, thinking they're the luckiest guys in the universe... So?? Well, a nice guy posted a message on Turbo-list, saying that the in Japan was selling lots of brand new, shrink-wrapped Circus Lido...for US$60,00!!! I think this is the best example of how people are abusing of PCE fans good will...IMHO, this is robbering!!


I totally support the idea of Aramis! So, if you want to buy an original PCE game, whether a Hu-Card or CD game, PLEASE, don't pay any abusive price! We must show those cheaters we won't support them on such gruesome dealings!


Marcelo Reis (UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE's webmaster)