MAGIC-ENGINE - Official site of this great emulator.


ZEOGRAD'S LAIR - Official site of Hu-GO!, another great PC-ENGINE emulator, made by Zeograd (nice fella!).


PCENGINEFX - Certainly one of the most tradicional and complete sites about the PC-ENGINE and PC-FX. Definitely a must-see!


VCD ANIMEHAUS - Brazilian distro of VCD and Divx animes (only titles not-released within Brazil), with some reviews and forum.

INITIAL D WORLD - Site about the anime Initial D, with images, MP3's and lots of info about the series. Recommended.

THE OFFICIAL SUPERFIGHTER WEBSITE - Website dedicated to this cult Chinese fighting game, released on IBM-PC (1993) and that's been converted to several game systems, including the PC-ENGINE.

SHMUPS MK2 - The best site in the world about shooters.

SOFTWAREZONE - Lots of cheats, to help you finish the hardest PC-ENGINE games.

PC-ENGINE.COM - Rare infos about PC-ENGINE.

MY VIDEOGAMES AND CONSOLES - Homepage from a big friend of mine, and also a great PC-ENGINE fan. Game list (Hu-Cards and CDS) and some pics.

NEKOFAN - Gorgeous french site, with comments, gamepics, CD covers and an outstanding section with several PC-ENGINE ads!

LA GAMME NEC PC-ENGINE - Excellent french website, with countless pics from some of the best PC-ENGINE and Super-Grafx games.

DARKCITYPRODUCTIONS - American site, it has an outstanding and creative PC-ENGINE / TURBOGRAFX section.

ARTHUR NIGHTWOLF COLLECTION - Collection with several videogame systems, includes PC-ENGINE Duo and some CD games.

DUO PLANET ITALY (DPI) - Site from Italy, with a HUGE archive of PCE-CD games. Exchange of backup games.


AREIOS-PCE - Awesome French site, with some nice PCE-CD game tunes, game reviews and tons of nice info.


JC EMULATION NEWS - Great site from Brazil, with the latest and hottest news regarding on the emulation scene. It has a Turbo-Grafx area.


CRAZY BANANA - If you're looking for some hard-to-find PCE CD covers, this is the place! Page from a french friend, with 350 pages available for download! French and English versions.


TURBO-LIST - Outstanding American page, probably the world's biggest source for info regarding on the PC-ENGINE / Turbo-Grafx.

OVERGAME - Brazilian website about games. We'll be writing some PC-ENGINE texts to its Classic Games section (about games and the system itself). 

NEC-RO-POLE - Outstanding French page with tons of PCE-CD game covers, lots of technical info and, even, some ISO to be downloaded. 

J'AIME LA PC-ENGINE - Another French page (in English, French and Japanese), with several ISO to download, lots of technical information and the Romulateur project (Surprise! Go there to know what's all about!). 

CEN-OSI - French website with an excellent PCE-CD games archive, with some titles available for download by FTP. Check it out!

FREEROMS - A huge archive of PC-ENGINE ROMS for download, as well as tons of games for several other systems. Amazing!

RARETITLES - For those in search of rare titles for PC-ENGINE and other consoles, VCD and Divx animes or some of the best videogame soundtracks of all-time, this is the place!

M1SAVAGE VIDEOGAMES & MUSIC - Page from an active member of PCE scene, with consoles and original games for sale.


DRITZ'S TURBOGRAFX MANUAL SITE - Page with complete manuals of PCE and Turbo games, available for download.


THE CD DUMPER - Brazilian page with a large archive of CPS-2, Neo-Geo, SNES and Megadrive games, among other platforms, available on CD.

TRŪ'S TURBO DUO / PC ENGINE SITE - Another excellent PCE page in English, with some game reviews, Message Forum, and the best: full PCE CD games to be downloaded!


TURBO2K - Page in English with excellent infos: several Hu-Cards and CD-ROM reviews, game cheats, ROMS to download and even a nice Message Forum.




EOL - Giant Brazilian site about the emulation scene. Infos about tons of emulated systems, including the PC-ENGINE (Turbo-Grafx). ROMS and emulators available for download. Outstanding!!