1 - Is UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE a firm, a company?

No. UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE is a group composed by two members, two big fans of this wonderful videogame system (PC-ENGINE), and who want to make it well known within Brazil, and keep its memory alive all over the world.

2 - How can I play Hu-Card or CD games, if I have no original PC-ENGINE?

There are excellent PC-ENGINE emulators. The best is, undoubtely, MAGIC ENGINE (see "Links" area), which emulates the PC-ENGINE almost flawlessly, but it's not free. Other nice emulators are HU-GO!, HU6280 and HuWin. Take a look at our "Download" section.

3 - Do you have the legal rights over the games you're putting on your page?

No. The copyrights of these games below to their respective creators.

4 - Are these copies made by UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE illegal?

This is a hard issue to talk about. Talking about copyrights, of course these copies are illegal, because the game creators won't receive a dime for these copies. But we must remember that the PC-ENGINE has never been released in Brazil, neither its games...throughout the world, the videogame is no longer produced, just as his games, which are considered "abandonware" and don't give profits to their own creators.

5 - Why does UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE provide this kind of copy service?

Kinda answered above! Because we can hardly find these games, living in Brazil. None of those games have ever been produced here, and most of them cannot even be found throughout the world. 

6 - I have some CD games for PC-ENGINE. Wouldn't you be interested on them?


This is our primary goal! Not only exchange CDR-games, but also buy original used games (in good shape, of course), to increase the number of titles available to fans.

7 - The CD games aren't working! Why is this happenning? 

It depends. If you have an original PC-ENGINE, the risk of problems is almost null, but under emulation the risk increases a lot. If you take a look at MAGIC-ENGINE homepage, on "FAQs" area, you'll see that not even its creator know why some computers or CD-Readers simply refuse to read PC-ENGINE CD's.

Our own experience showed us that most of the problems occurs when the emulator runs on MS-DOS. Windows based emulators have a greater compatibility with PC-ENGINE CD's, and those "non-functional" problems have become rarer day after day.

There's another problem, which is becoming pretty common nowadays, related to some incompatibility between some CD games and Magic System. If you have problems with some games, give the original System Card 3 a try, since it has better compatibility and PGM sound emulation.

8 - Is there a chance of having games for any other videogame system in UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE?

No!!!! There's no chance! UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE will be dedicated only for PC-ENGINE, forever. Everything we put on this site (games, reviews, links) must be related to PC-ENGINE. We really enjoy other videogame systems, like Megadrive and SNES, but we'd betray our purpose for this page, if we put ROMS from other systems on it.

If you still have any unanswered question, contact us!