Fighting gamers usually divide their attention between Capcom (leaded by Street Fighter series) and SNK games (leaded by King of Fighters series). Both softhouses were also represented on our beloved PC-ENGINE and, thankfully, their fighting game were superbly ported to the PCE. NEC Avenue made a breathtaking Hu-Card conversion of Street Fighter II´, while Hudson Soft ported 4 SNK games to the Arcade Card: Art of Fighting (Ryuko no Ken), World Heroes 2, Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special.


Fatal Fury Special is, by far, the best on those SNK ports. There´s an agreement among SNK fans that the PC-ENGINE version is the best, when compared to all the FFS ports released for several consoles. Hudson Soft kept the mood and rhythm from the Neo-Geo game and, also, stretched the graphic power of the PC-ENGINE to the limit. To be honest, the PCE graphics are almost a carbon copy from the Neo-Geo original game, except on a few areas, when the PC-ENGINE thinner palette becomes quite evident.

You can play Fatal Fury Special with a traditional 2-button pad, but it´s highly recommended to use the Avenue Pad 6 (if you´re using the Magic Engine, there´s no problem, because it emulates the Avenue Pad 6). The CD soundtrack, usually a trademark from Hudson Soft, is outstanding and fits perfectly the fighting scenes. It´s good to realize that Hudson Soft kept the option to jump to the background scene, and vice-versa... thus said, you can fight right next the screen or far away, near the background.

The annoying problems noticed on Fatal Fury 2 (damn long and constant loads) are no longer existent on Fatal Fury Special. With faster loading, the matches become more dynamic and the player doesn´t get bored or irritated anymore. The PCE version still has a little surprise: the presence of the "outsider" Ryo Sakazaki, from Art of Fighting! ^_^


Released in 1994, Fatal Fury Special is another excellent game from the last PC-ENGINE days. It´s a shame, because if you take the amazing quality of FFS into account, you can easily wonder if it wouldn´t have been possible to port King of Fighters´94 or ´95, if the PC-ENGINE had endured a little longer existence... well, no more rambling! I´ll put my crazy dreams aside for a while, and return to my last fight against Krauser... he´s almost dead!! ^_^


Marcelo Reis







Musics and Sound Effects