10/08/2003 - Dear friends, I was supposed to be in bed a long time ago... so, it isnīt hard to realize that Iīm too damn sleepy at this very moment! ^__^   Thus said, Iīll have to be brief. There are no reviews this time but, on the other hand, the news are quite special!


- Update on the DOWNLOAD area, with the addition of Hu-Go! 2.10 (Windows version), along with the fantastic Super Hu-Card project, developed by Zeograd. Havenīt you heard about this project? Shame on you, for this is one of the most exciting PCE projects to date... it allows you to play some Hu-Cards (around 75 titles, until now) on the real console, straight from the CD!! ^^"   Zeo, sorry for this huge delay... I should have posted these news a long time ago, but my eternal laziness didnīt allow me to! ^^"


- Still on DOWNLOAD area, weīve just added another project from BT Garner (IMPLODE creator). Mindrecīs brand new project is called METEOR BLASTER, and itīs a PCE remake of the famous classic "Asteroids". The 1.0c version, which is available for download here, can only be found on UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE. Still regarding on Meteor Blaster, Mindrec intends to release a Deluxe version on Super CD-ROM format on early 2004, with Audio-CD soundtrack, animated cinemas and plenty of other improvements.  In the meantime, enjoy the free version a lot! 


Thatīs all! See ya, then!




Dear friends, I know that such a huge delay is unforgivable! Sure, my daily life is getting tougher, but my laziness was actually the main responsible for this loooong hiatus! Gomen!  ^^"


But fear not! This time, there are plenty of interesting news for your pleasure! Letīs go:


- After centuries without any changes, the SPECIAL area has finally been updated, with 3 new articles. Donīt be shy and check them out now, because theyīre really interesting!


- LINKS area also updated, with the addition of several interesting sites. 


- Hehehe, the best is yet to come! ^__^  Iīve been thinking about how many reviews should I actually add this time, after this huuuuge delay... maybe 4 or 5. Well, after a long time, I realized that I really had a terrible price to pay... thus said, I decided to add 10 NEW REVIEWS to CD'S area!! ^__^  For your viewing pleasure, we got the reviews from FAUSSETÉ AMOUR and SHINSETSU SHIAWASE USAGI 2, written by my friend Amon Guimarães; VALIS IV and VALIS VISUAL COLLECTION, written by the greatest Valis fan in Brazil, my friend Alucard (DREAMLAND OF VALIS webmaster). And, finally, this lazy bastard (a.k.a. UPCE webmaster.  ^^") also gives his contribution, with 6 new reviews: IMPLODE, LEMMINGS, MOONLIGHT LADY, MOTOROADER MC, RAINBOW ISLANDS and RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP.


- Still regarding on the good news, Iīm glad to announce that UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE now has 401 PCE-CDīs on its archive! Amazing!


I know this text is getting longer than expected, but I still have a little favor to ask you all, UNIVERSO PC-ENGINEīs visitors. If you enjoy the site and its contents, please, leave a little message on our Guestbook... believe it or not, but tthose messages really matter a lot for us. ^^"  Ah, the forum in UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE is finally back, after a long and deep coma! ^_^   Thus said, I invite you all to be part of our little community, posting new threads and making new PCE-pals from all over the world. Donīt forget to read the "stick" specially written for foreign visitors, OK?


PFEW!!! Iīm tired! ^_^  Iīll do my best in order to avoid such a long delay again... I promise! ~__^"





04/02/2003 - Dear friends, I know I havenīt updated this website as often as I should, but Iīll try to make a huge update tilī the end of this month. I do already have a lot of reviews ready to launch... to be honest, I still have to translate most of them!  ^^"   Letīs see... Iīll do my best to have them all ready as soon as possible.


As for now, Iīve just added a brand-new website to the LINKS area: PC-ENGINE LOUNGE - HUCARD, a nice webpage in English, 100% dedicated to Hu-Card games, with several reviews and other cool features.  


See ya, then!  ^_^ 


01/12/2003 - Quick news!  ^_^   Just to say that UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE now has a cool forum!  We still have no foreign users there, but feel free to register yourself and post some nice threads! 


12/31/2002 - Hyper-quick news!  ^_^   UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE has 2 brand-new partners: the excellent Brazilian gaming site GAMEHALL, and SATURN-X, a cool Brazilian site dedicated to the Sega Saturn. Unfortunately, they're only in Portuguese.  =(




12/25/2002 - Well, guys, huge delay, again, and so on... let's go!  ^_^   I've good and bad Christmas presents for you... here they are:


- The bad news is that I've just had terrible problems related to UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE hosting, even though I was using a paid server to avoid troubles. So, I had to find a new server in a hurry, in order to upload the entire website as soon as possible. Everything's working well, except the Guestbook and the Ads section. I'll try to fix those problems as soon as possible... in the meantime, I hope you can enjoy the site the way it is!  ^_^


- As for the good news, 4 new reviews were added to CD'S area: MACROSS ETERNAL LOVE SONG, FACEBALL, SHANGHAI II and BONK 3, the latter being another colaboration from my friend Sami Kashgari... Vielen Dank, Sami!





09/25/2002 - Wow, a whole month without updates. =(  Sorry, dear PCE-maniacs, but daily life is getting bitter day after day, and to keep UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE up-to-date is getting tougher than ever! But it's OK, let's move on! To the news:


- 2 new reviews added to the CD'S area: the weird BLACK HOLE ASSAULT and the excellent Arcade Card conversion of FATAL FURY SPECIAL.


- Breaking news (quite delayed, in fact! Sorry for that, BT!). I'm glad to announce the release of Implode, the very first SCD game since 1999!! ^_^ Implode is an excellent puzzle game, similar to Tetris but unique on its own style. Along with Implode, the CD also has the games Humpball and Crash. Implode costs US$25,00 and can be bought right with BT Garner, which has created the game. BT's website is All of us, PCE fans, have the obligation to support BT, so we might have other new PCE-CD games in the future. Congratulations, BT!


08/25/2002 - Quick news, today! UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE has just added the Brazilian website THE PCENGINEFAN to the LINKS area. If you're trying to find PCE-ROMS without success, this is certainly a nice place to go.


 Stay tuned for new reviews in a few days !  ^_^