We'd like to thank the following people who have, somehow, helped UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE to become, in a short period of time, one of the world's most visited PCE pages!


Pike (VGC) - The very first UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE "sponsor"!! Thanks for trusting us, even when we were still an embryo page!

Zeograd (HU-GO!) e David Michel (Magic Engine) - For your amazing PCE emulators, allowing PCE fans spread all over the world to play the games made for this wonderful machine. Oh! Also thanks for your kind support!! :)

NEC e Hudson Soft - The "guys" which brought us the amazing and revolutionary PC-ENGINE, a tiny machine that changed the videogame history.

 We also thank the people listed below for their priceless support to UNIVERSO PC-ENGINE, helping us on technical issues, acquisition of new games, suggestions, links exchange, etc... 


Aaron Nanto (Pcenginefx)  

Afonso Henrique

Antilop S/A (Cen-Osi)

Ashura-X (The CD Dumper)

Carlo Fioravanti

Casimir Decas (Caz)

Chris Gilbert

Crazy Banana (Cover Page)

Ewandro Schenkel (Overgame)

Harold Lim

Hugo Arts (Emulação 2001)  

James Quicksall

JoseQ (Emuviews)  

Kabuki Danjuro (Nekofan)

Kadamose (Raretitles)

Luiz de Rizzo Ramalho

Malcolm Doney  

Marco Soprani (Duo Planet Italy)

Moacyr Avelino Alves Júnior

Olivier Fohanno (La Gamme NEC PCE)

Paul England (Japanese Gaming)

Rodrigo "Dark Fact" Menezes

Soung-Jin Yune

Tim Favro (Darkcityproductions)  

Trû (Trû's Turbo Duo / PCE Site)  

Tyler Dorval (Turbo2k)

Geof Buchholz

Sami Kashgari

Raul Malavasi

Sammy Anderson